Dealing Exclusively in Original Vintage Posters* and Automobilia
Dealing Exclusively in Original Vintage Posters* and Automobilia
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Car Shortage and a Trip to the Dealerships

I was recently tasked by my father-in-law to help him find and purchase a new car. As many might be aware, September 2021 is NOT a great time to purchase a new car as Covid-19 shutdowns have affected the specialized computer chips necessary for car production. To make a long story short, I visited a couple of dealerships and spoke to many more via email and telephone and finally got my FIL a great deal in this climate - about $1,300 off a new Subaru Outback that will be here in a couple of weeks. 


2022 Subaru Outback

But while that is the feel-good part of this story, the part that is more germain to this site is automotive posters. In a nutshell, I didn't see any at any of the dealerships I did visit in person. For the most part, most mass-market dealerships now have little personality. They are basically giant halls with some product on the floor and desks for salespeople to rake you over the hot coals.

Things get a bit better the more money you have to spend and the more upmarket you go. The interiors of the showroom are nicer, they have more amenities for customers. It's a more inviting place to get raked over the coals. Still no posters though.

No, for that you need to take a trip down memory lane a bit. Perhaps the best example of the archetype would be Hoffman Motor Car Company. Located at 430 Park Avenue in New York City, the dealership sold notable European brands in a space designed by noted architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Demolished in 2013 for a new TD Bank office, it is unlikely we will see such a dealership again. 


Hoffman Motor Car Company Dealership Interior

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