Dealing Exclusively in Original Vintage Posters* and Automobilia
Dealing Exclusively in Original Vintage Posters* and Automobilia
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The Artists of Fourth Cone Restoration

With so many decades passing since their original publication, it is getting more and more difficult to find good posters. Additionally, because some of these posters were printed in limited quantities and often given away, in many instances they were often just tacked up on a wall or left to molder in a basement. In short, time has often not been kind to some of these paper goods. 

More than occasionally, I discover or am offered a desirable poster that is in less than optimal condition. If it's truly rare and desirable - and who knows when you might find a better one -  a poster can still be a good purchase if one is aware of the condition and the potential costs of repairing the damage. 

For many years, I have been sending many of my posters to Fourth Cone Restoration in Canoga Park, CA for linen backing  and restorative work. Pictured below is one of their amazing artists doing an "infill" on an uncommon 1964 Porsche 904 GTS poster. 

Is this poster original? Yes? Has it had some work done? Also yes, but I take care - unlike some other dealers - to disclose flaws and corrective work completed. When looking at any poster that has been mounted to linen, be sure to ask the vendor if the poster has been restored.

Fourth Cone Poster Restoration Inpainting Porsche

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