Dealing Exclusively in Original Vintage Posters* and Automobilia
Dealing Exclusively in Original Vintage Posters* and Automobilia
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As the pandemic started to subside in late 2020, it seemed that people started to relax and start buying things that would enhance the spaces they were increasingly spending more time in.

I covered two online auctions held in October 2020 for Porsche Club of America in this article. One was held by Heritage Auctions and the other was through Gooding & Company, a leading auctioneer of truly amazing motorcars that has just recently dipped its feet into the selling of automobilia.

Buying from poster auctions can be fun, but it pays to do your research, ask questions and know your limits.

Pictured is a very tattered and stained Porsche 356 B+C steering wheel poster. Fairly complete, but uneconomical to restore, It sold for just a fraction of what a fine condition poster of the same type would have sold for. I happen to have a nice one in stock at the moment.

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