Dealing Exclusively in Original Vintage Posters* and Automobilia
Dealing Exclusively in Original Vintage Posters* and Automobilia
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Moth Damaged 1959 Targa Florio Poster

This poster was a long-distance purchase that I saw only in pictures. If I had seen it in person, I would have noticed some sections were hanging on by a thread. By the time it got to me in a tube, those sections separated and some other pieces literally evaporated into dust.
It didn't make sense to fully restore this example as nice ones can be found but it also seemed a shame just to roll it up and throw it back on a tube so I had my ace poster restorers Fourth Cone Restoration reassemble what was left and linen mount it. I think the results are kind of cool.
Artwork by Strenger features two 550 Spyders and a modernistic graphic element. Measures 33” x 46.5” and mounted on linen. Moth damage...but priced accordingly.

Moth eaten 1959 Porsche Targa Florio poster

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  • Mark on

    great design… tricky one to restore. I’ve collected movie posters for over 40 years but had to thin them out to pay for the Porsche build. I have a few automotive ones… I have a full set of Watkins Glen United States Grand prix Michael Turner illustrated posters stored away… I don’t think they’re that valuable but they’re definitely cool.

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